Vistar Pte Ltd was established in 2009 as a specialized Electrical/Process Instrumentation Company that sells and distributes high quality products and services from various reputable brands. 
Our wide range of instrumentation products have been used in many type of applications. Examples of applications include High Voltage/ Medium Voltage/ Low Voltage Electrical Switchboard, Generator Synchronizing and Control Panels, DC Systems, Marine and Offshore Electrical Panels, Process Control Panels.
Other than distribution, we are a one stop supplier for Marine Certified Switchboard Meters, Protection Relays, Transducers, Temperature Controllers, Lightning Surge Protectors, etc. We can customized different types of switchboard meters according to request and recommend replacement parts corresponding to existing specifications.
We also deal with wholesale trade for automotive truck spare parts and have stocks availability for a wide variety of truck spares. Visit the automotive truck spares products for type of spares that are available on stock.